In 2017, my employer will entrust me to travel with a number of our students to South America for a semester.  I’m clearly qualified for this role because…well, I agreed to it.  Seriously, I was the Resident Professor (RP) for a class in London in the summer of 2014 and I enjoyed it so much I pretty much immediately set about trying to take another class somewhere, anywhere, as soon as I was back in my office.  I proposed a program in Chile because I had a conference there. I was denied because Wake offers a program, called “Southern Cone” that covers Argentina, Uruguay and Chile over a period of about five months.  I was denied my proposed program because they asked me to lead Southern Cone.

I will try to balance security with information.  That is, I will not tell you ahead of time a lot of details about what we’re doing.  I will try to pass along as much local flavor as I can without incriminating myself or my students.  I’m honestly not sure what this blog will end up containing.  I hope it is a convenient way to share my life in South America with my friends, family and colleagues.  I will admit upfront about being both very excited and apprehensive about the trip.  I’ve always found writing to be a good way to focus my thoughts and I expect to be doing a lot of professional writing while abroad so this seems a logical thing to do.

But, take heart, if you find my writing to be a bore, I’ll also be posting a lot of pictures.



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