I was asked to write a piece (not for the blog, though perhaps I’ll share it here) on how I got from where I started to where I am.

It is not going well.

It seems a simple enough question that a non-academic type might bang out an answer to in a couple of sentences.  But I’ve wrestled with all sorts of related questions:  Where was I?  Where am I?  How did I get here (the original question)?  Why did I choose this path?  Did I choose this path?  Are the reasons I chose my path validated by my current position?  If so, how did I pull that off?  If not, what should I do about it?  Are any of us certain of where we came from, where we are or where we’re going?

I think that means I’m an academic.  If it matters, I also usually have crazy hair and a tendency to arrive at work without one of the following:  keys, clean shirt, life-saving medical equipment.

Or, perhaps, it just means I’m crazy.


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