If you’ve found the blog a little dull up to now, well, there is good reason for it.  I’ve basically been blogging from my life as usual and trying to keep it both PG and devoid of controversy.  So bits on time zones and routine.  I agree, a little dry.

All going well, this is the last post I’ll make from the United States until July.  I’d like to report the calm before the storm but that would be incorrect.  There is a lot going on for me today so I’ll make this short(ish).

Tomorrow, we’ll fly to South America, around 4,500 miles almost due south.  As is usual on a long trip like this, Tuesday will, more or less, not exist for us.  We’ll land on Wednesday and then it’s off to the races.

The point is, hopefully the blog will pick up.  We’re taking a bit of time before classes start to travel a little so there will be some interesting pictures at any rate.  We’ll also be setting up house, so to speak, and working out how to work far from home.

So, from here on out, if you want to follow the story of Southern Cone from the faculty perspective, you should click on the blog when you see it.  It won’t be every day but I’ll try to make it frequent.


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