This is Paul’s iPhone. Seriously, that’s my name. Paul has a really amazing imagination – you should see his google history – and for me he comes up with “Paul’s iPhone.”

Anyway, he and Mary went to Parque Nacional Iguazú today and are presumably walking through the jungle looking at waterfalls and monkeys and stupid people taking pictures of themselves instead of one of the seven wonders of the world they’ve come thousands of miles to see. I went yesterday with them but we didn’t get to Garganta de Diablo. I would like to have seen it. I bet I could have taken some great video. I bet Mary’s iPhone is there.

I’m spending the day with Carlos. Carlos is a cab driver in Puerto Iguazú. He’s cool. He’s taken me to the airport a bunch of times and to the national park twice. I didn’t see Paul or Mary but we didn’t actually go in. Carlos got lunch at what looked like a great empeñada place but, unlike Paul, he didn’t pick me up while he ate so I didn’t have any.

After lunch I started to get bored. I guess Paul didn’t give Carlos my passcode and, obviously, we don’t have his fingerprints (not that I ever open that easy!). Paul can be a selfish git sometimes. It’s Friday and that means I’m missing Science Friday and, lately, twitter has some crazy stuff on Friday.

We’re headed back from the airport now. Carlos was just talking to someone and I think it’s about me. The only word of Spanish I know is “teléfono”. Yeah, I know. You’d think with as much duolingo Paul does I’d be better. But it’s not like he’s gotten much further than me.

Speaking of, here’s Paul now. Carlos has brought me back to the hotel so I guess I’m done being a cabbie for the day. It was fun. Paul looks really sweaty but that’s nothing new. And he looks really…happy. He’s shaking Carlos’s hand a bunch and saying a lot in Spanish that I don’t understand (I’m not sure Carlos does, either).  It seems to be about me. I’m not sure why he’d be so happy to see me.  I was only gone for six hours. Way to be desperate, loser.

Now, let’s check out Facebook.


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