It’s hard to believe but our time in Buenos Aires is rapidly coming to a close.  We depart for Santiago on Tuesday.  However, Sunday and Monday are booked solid with activities that take us out of the city.  While I’m all for getting out of the cities, that leaves us with just three days left in the city.  I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to spend that time but it probably involves beef.

We visited the Museo Belles Artes yesterday and it was stunning.  More – well, at least pictures – later.  A bunch of students had said that they wanted to go to El Ateneo afterward and I planned to tag along.  However, we got separated in the museum and after a couple of hours I headed to the bookstore on my own.  On foot, about a mile but with frequent orange juice stands.  All was well.

I sat down, ordered a drink and in walked the students.  Looking every bit as warm as I felt.  It turns out they had left about half an hour before me but attempted to take a bus.  I find a good rule of thumb in very large cities is: If you can walk it, do so.  It’s always faster and it isn’t like you stay nice and cool standing in the sun in the bus queue.

An important aside:  Line H of the Subte is seriously air conditioned.

We had a nice late lunch and I had a chance to try to alleviate concerns about Salem Hall being closed next year.  They’re concerned about the shuttle.  I hope it’s only because they just experienced a really rough bus trip.

In other news, I finally got all my photos from the weekend processed.  Here is one with the Eta Carina nebula to the right of the Southern Cross.  The rest are at this link:



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