The program here has been packed this week with orientation and introduction to Chile/Santiago classes.  We’ve also tried to add a couple of survey/evaluation segments.  And, as usual for academics at the start of a semester, there is no one that, really, completely understands what is going on.  The result was a bunch of tired, irritated students last night.  I departed when the evaluation started so just followed along on the WhatsApp group.  Very entertaining.

Being college kids, they decided the solution to a long, hard, busy week was to go out very late, drink more than they should and then try to find their way back in a foreign city.  On the bright side, it’s become clear their Spanish is much better than they’ve let on and they just need the push to use it.  Everyone made it home and I’m grateful I wasn’t awake to follow the group chat as they all tried to find their way home.

There was a group hike planned for this morning but a bunch of the would be hikers didn’t make it home until after 4am.  So I’m not sure if their planned 8am departure came to pass.  There is no word on the chatter this morning in any case which is unusual – they seem to need to continually discuss their progress toward their destination.

As for myself, I made plans to go up in the mountains to an astronomy inn I found last May.  Just like last May, the forecast is poor.  I also have made the snap decision to rent a car for this rather than use the metro and collectivo.  The latter would cost me about $5 round trip and the car will be closer to $100.  But I also won’t have to spend three hours lugging my telescope gear through public transportation.  I checked into taxis and uber.  Uber won’t take me as far as I need to go for the collectivo and the taxi will be $40 one-way.  So the rental is not much more and I can explore a bit.  It also lets me know how and where to rent a car when the time comes I need one.

I made sure to have the guy show me how to access reverse.

So, I’m off in a bit.  The students have a weekend to calm down and relax.  I told them school was starting this last week.  I don’t think they believed me.


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