Here is how impressive flying alongside the Andes is:  I didn’t fall asleep on the plane.

I had a great week at Hacienda Los Andes.  If you like stars, horses, fruit or pretty places, you should get yourself there sooner than later.  I’ll have pictures up at some point.

About this time in 1995, I had a date that went badly.  Rather than spend time talking to my date, I watched Kentucky beat Carolina in the Elite Eight on the TV over her shoulder.  My date was less than pleased.  It wasn’t the last time I watched a ball game at the expense of quality time with that girl (and she has even, on occasion, chosen a seat at a table to let me see a game since then; which, when I think about it, probably means she’s hoping to shut me up).  Anyway, I can promise you, if she were here right now with the game on, I wouldn’t pay it any attention.

Since she isn’t here, hopefully this game ends the way it did in 1995.  I’m sure she agrees.



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