I woke up with a craving for egg salad.  I mentioned yesterday the excellent rolls I bought.  At some point during the night my brain unraveled that fact to mean I should make egg salad.  Now, in my egg salad, I like to put sweet gherkins.  Look, it’s my egg salad.  You can put anything you like in yours.  I’m not here to judge and I’d like the same courtesy.

So, I needed to hit the store again.  It’s okay.  I need soap and garbage bags as well.  As I’ve said before, you never buy everything you need even when you buy 150% of what you need.  The trouble arose when I could not find pickles.  Upon reflection, I’m not sure I’ve seen a pickle in South America.  Avocado seems to take the place of the pickle, a trade I’m not unhappy about it.

Looking online, it seems finding pickles in Santiago is possible but difficult.  If you go to the very large stores near or in malls, you will find them.  The little stores near me, no.  Which is fine.  I can make egg salad without gherkins.  Can’t I?

Turns out I can.  It came out great.

Sorry for all the food posts.  I’m not sure why it’s suddenly become a topic.

If you’re curious where we are in the semester, exam 1 in orgo 2 is tomorrow afternoon.  I try every class to ease their stress – the modern student does seem much more stressed than we were – but I’m starting to think those efforts just reinforce the idea that the exam is worth getting stressed about.  Perhaps I should start not even mentioning it.  Maybe skip office hours?

Also, if you’re a teacher, do you have a good poker face?  I wrote the exam yesterday and took it by the photocopiers down the street to get my copies.  So I know what’s on it.  When a student comes in dwelling on a topic worthy of study but not featured heavily on the test, can you hide it?  Or, vice versa, when a student presents an old exam problem or book problem that is almost exactly that of a question on the test, are you able hide that they’re very, very warm?

See?  Now wouldn’t you rather I write about pickles?





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