This blog is, in many ways, simply a journal for me to remember my time in South America.  When I led a study abroad program in London in 2014 I didn’t keep such a journal and, though I remember that I loved it, there are a lot of details – some big, some small, everyday sorts of things – that I no longer do remember.  Thus, the blog.

So, there was an event in Pucon this weekend that I decided didn’t need to be memorialized.  However, after talking to my wife on the phone, I have to report that I am, apparently, under attack by birds.

When I came out to the car on Saturday, it was covered, I mean, COVERED in bird shit.  It was thick on top and there wasn’t a panel not besmirched.  The only parking spot when I arrived was under a tree and, well, biology happens.  But, you know, this isn’t the sort of thing that advances the story (writes the man who just posted a blog entry about how he couldn’t find the right pickles for his egg salad).

What Mary told me was this: she needs to wash my car because she took it to get groceries on Saturday and, with the car parked nowhere near trees or high wires, it, too, was covered in bird shit.

Clearly, this is personal.  I imagine an alien bird race, monitoring the planet from out beyond Neptune, sent a signal Friday night to birds across Earth:  bomb any car Paul Jones may be driving.  Don’t be too careful! Get them all!


I’ll keep you posted on this disturbing turn of events.


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