Okay, the spousal and parental units are expressing concern about my safety.

I’m fine.  Santiago is fine.  Valparaiso is fine.

Chile has a history of very powerful earthquakes, including the most powerful in recorded history.  5.9 will not be remembered a week from now and building codes are such that, if I’m hurt in an earthquake here it’s likely it will be in a mammoth, once a century kind of quake.  I would point out that my readers in frackaholic Oklahoma are in much more danger.  It’s tornado season for one thing.  And building codes in the state are not such that you’re coming through a 5.9 unscathed.  And your governor is an idiot.

Seriously, Santiago is actually fairly removed from the really active zones.  The quakes last night were offshore to the west of Valparaiso, almost 100 miles away.  Even a 7 or 8 there would not likely do significant damage here.  Valpo would be in trouble not least because they’re also vulnerable to tsunami.  But Santiago would be fine.

So, we’re all good here.


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