For Steve’s last day in Chile, we tried to go to the top of San Cristobal via the funicular.  However, it was closed.  It is supposed to open at 10am on Tuesdays but, as it turns out, Monday hours apply to the first day of the week, whatever day that might be.  So, with Monday being a holiday, Monday hours applied to Tuesday and the funicular didn’t open until 1pm.  We grabbed a cab to take us to the midway station of the Teleferico (cable car).  It, too, was closed because of clouds.  That’s what we were told.

We shared the cab with a family of four. The cab is what you pictured: black and yellow, normal size car.  Steve is roughly my size.  Fortunately, the two children in the family were very small, maybe 2 and 4.  Steve got the front seat and I sat behind the driver with father in the middle and mother on the passenger side each with a child in their lap.

When we arrived at the station, the family departed, apparently headed somewhere other than the Teleferico.  Steve and I asked to return to where we’d been picked up but the driver hijacked us for a tour of the park.  Which is beautiful even on a gray day.  He took us to an amphitheater that overlooks Las Condes and out to the mountains.  Well, there were mountains out there somewhere even if they were invisible.  Arriving back at the start, he only charged us double the original price for a pretty long journey so it was a good deal.

We grabbed lunch and I headed to work while Steve went home to pack for the next leg of his trip which is Machu Picchu.  It’s on the way back and the stop in Peru didn’t actually cost him anymore money so it’s a good deal.  We hosted a group of students for dinner which, due to the holiday Monday, I was unable to properly prepare for.  I ordered delivery pizza by phone which was a nerve-wracking experience.  In the end it went fine and we got the pizzas we asked for.  And they were excellent.  Pizzeria La Barra on Manuel Montt for reference.

We had a nice discussion of all our weekend adventures.  Steve and I in San Pedro, a couple of students in Torres del Paine and a couple of students who tried to go to a beer festival that turned out to be in Belen, about two hours south of us.  They didn’t realize that, though, and so hunted around Santiago for a few hours in search.  I gather they did successfully find beer.

Today is the first day of class for me this week and it’s otherwise busy with meetings both here and online back home.  Mary arrives Saturday and then we all leave for Easter Island on Monday so there is a lot to do in a short space of time.  I will upload pictures of San Pedro soon.

To the grading!


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