For those keeping score at home, Mary arrived in Santiago almost an hour early.  I went to the airport to “pick her up” – I had to take a taxi to do it and we taxied back.  I alternated between thinking I’d be late and then thinking I’d be very early.  Flightradar 24 showed her flight arriving almost an hour early despite taking off 15 minutes late.  My driver called to tell me he’d be ten minutes late but that it was okay because traffic was “muy tranquilo.”  I’ll say.  There is no one on Santiago streets at 0630 Sunday morning.  We arrived at the airport 30 minutes before when I’d planned.  I stood at the gate for a bit but when I noticed the folks coming out of customs were New York passengers and they had arrived over an hour before Mary’s flight from Dallas I went in search of coffee.  With coffee in hand, I found a comfortable seat.

This was fortunate because when Mary came out of customs less than two minutes later it let her quickly identify me as she is used to seeing me:  tucked quietly in a corner reading about baseball on my phone.  Thus reunited, we grabbed a taxi and were back in the apartment around the time her plane was to have landed.  She didn’t check a bag and somehow booked it through immigration.  If you were picturing me at the gate, anxiously waiting with flowers, come on, I’m a husband not a boyfriend.

So, she’s here.  We are to be back at the airport almost exactly 24 hours after we left for our flight to Easter Island.  That should provide a lot of bloggable material.  Or at least pictures.

Mary had an interesting trip down.  After being rebooked Friday night, she got a very early flight Saturday morning and ended up with a significant layover in Dallas.  I put two and two together quickly enough that I was able to alert she and Steve that they would be laying over in Dallas at the same time, he on his way back to Winston from Santiago, she on her way.  Her arrival gate was near his departure gate so they were able to grab lunch and talk over the trip.  He had a great visit to Macchu Pichu and even ran into a former student.  Small world.

I’m not sure what the rest of the day entails.  We need to pack and she is currently sacked out.  I’m unsure how long to let her sleep.  All the redeye manuals say not to go straight to bed.  When she arrived in London a couple of years ago, I dragged her on a forced march through the city and I still occasionally hear about this when I’m being, or she thinks I’m being, unreasonable about something.  I actually have some work to do ahead of the week so I should probably do that.

Anyhow, she is here and all is well.  You can no go about your normal Sunday business.


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