Mary and I are back from Isla de Pascua.  Sure, sure, it’s a beautiful tropical paradise with hundreds of stone Moai, real as life, that you can drive around and look at and is a monument to the damage humans can do to their environment and the savagery that humans can visit on one another.  Before I recount our three days on the island, I have to tell you of a far greater triumph.

We had these two bananas.  These are the best two bananas that have ever existed.  While we feel blessed to have had these two bananas, we deeply regret waiting until the last day to have them.  They grew at our hotel where, each morning, you could see a hotel employee climb a tree and hack them down.  They were then just laying around the place for guests’ enjoyment.  We could have eaten dozens.  Scores.  It was possible.

We tended to have cereal and toast for breakfast.

On the last day, we were heading out early and, so, grabbed a couple of these bananas as an afterthought.  After crisscrossing the island a couple of times, we observed that we were hungry.  We each had a banana.

Mary said, “I was hungry and you gave unto me a banana.”

And it was good.

It was so, so, unbelievably good.  We found no more bananas before a terrible airplane came and took us away.

But we had that banana.  We’ll always have that banana.


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