The Stones said that you can’t always get what you want.  Mary and I went to the Santa Lucia market today to try to find a sweatshirt that one of my students was wearing at dinner the other night.  A really cool Chilean sweatshirt.  We need new sweatshirts like we need more bamboo.  We don’t but we want them.

It was Mary’s mid-workday break and I was on my way to work.  It was raining, the kind of day where the empanada guy was selling paraguas.  We arrived to discover that either the rain or the cold or the early hour (Mary is not exactly on South American time yet) meant that there was, effectively, no market.  We walked around for a few minutes, looked at some sad fruits laying in puddles, and made our way back to the metro.  Mary boarded with instructions on how to get back to the apartment.  She’s good.  Another couple days and she’ll be able to jet around the city without me.

I boarded a train headed the other direction on my way to work.  And, when I arrived, there was a new guy selling stuff on the street.

He was selling sopapillas.  Fresh, hot sopapillas.

Now that I need.


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