Yesterday I wrote about my lack of fitting into Santiago.  I was thinking about it as I watched native Chileans walk around.  A surprising number wear American, or western, icons.  Second hand clothes are a relatively big part of the wardrobe here and it isn’t unusual to see people wearing shirts representing teams that the wearer clearly has no connection to.

Yesterday I saw two instances where the person in question was wearing something where they fit in well with Santiago but the shirt was wrong from the perspective of the United States.

The first was a couple.  The man was wearing a Georgia Bulldog sweatshirt and the lady an Indianapolis Colts shirt.  So far so good.  But the Georgia shirt was Colt blue and the Indy shirt Georgia red.  I don’t know if these were shirts discarded because of the error or what but it really threw me off.   But no one else noticed.

The second was a guy on the metro wearing a Yankees shirt.  Now there are a lot of Yankee shirts here. Along with quite a few Red Sox, Bulls, Lakers, Cavs and Warriors.  So I didn’t think much about it.  However, as the train thinned out, I noticed that under the interlocking NY was written, “Manhattan.”  Oh, come on.



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