Thank a farmer.  Sure.  But even farmers should have trouble producing citrus in the dead of winter.  And, yet, I passed a couple of juice carts and the fruit and veggie stand at the end of the street is still well stocked.  It clearly isn’t as well stocked as in late summer and prices have gone up but you can still get a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables for a pittance of the cost in the United States.  Where are they growing it?  It’s freezing here.

I went out for juice at lunch as I’m surrounded by sick people in the office.  In that, it’s exactly like being back home.  The last set of midterms and finals coming up make students sick.  And the guy in the office next door has the flu.  And I have an astronomy weekend.  So, hoping that Linus was right, I went out and bought some juice and oranges for lunch.

As good as vitamin C is for the body, the soul needs nourishment as well.  I was happy to hear in the metro this morning a pretty young woman doing a great job on Ave Maria.  I actually stopped and listened to the last half.  Then, the usual guy at my metro stop was playing his steel drum (I have no idea what his instrument is called but it is hauntingly beautiful – editor’s note: it’s called a Hang isn’t really a drum).  I stopped and listened to his work for a few minutes, too.  The combination was an excellent and soothing.

Let’s hope between the vitamins and the music I ward off the cold until finals week.


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