I picked up a rental this morning for a weekend sojourn.  The radio was set to 88.9 “El Futuro”.  The two songs I heard over this fine station were Queen’s Dragon Attack and Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Apparently, I was born in the future.

Thinking about past and future brought time to mind, a subject which has come up often in the group recently.  There is debate about whether it seems we’ve been here a long time or if time has passed quickly.  There is, likewise, debate about whether we are ready to go home or not.  And who is debating which side turns on mood.  The only definite is that students who love their homestay are not ready to leave and those that hate it are very much so.  If you’re homel ife is bad, not much else will be good.  And if it’s good, you can take a lot of pain elsewhere.

As for time passing, I go back and forth between feeling like I’ve been here forever and that I just arrived.  When I’m stuck in the middle of a stack of grading, it definitely feels forever. When I’m under the southern sky, I can’t believe I’m about to leave (21 days, not that I’m counting).

Also, it’s winter as of yesterday.  It’s cold and raining today as befits the season.  I’m pretty sure if it were summer and my wife were here, I’d want to stay a bit longer.  However, she and the sun are far, far to the north and, as I write this, I’ll be very glad to get on a plane headed that direction.

Aside from such musings, there isn’t much to report.  I just finished grading a pile of papers from my two classes and the students will have generated another pile Tuesday.  And then it’s all over but the final exams.  This weekend I’ll be back at Hacienda Los Andes for a bit of stargazing weather permitting.  I’ll report in on that as I can.



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