I leave for the United States one week from today.  Due to some stuff from outside the blog, I won’t be headed straight home but I’m happy to report that that issue is looking up. Well done, Texans.

It also looks like my last gasp weekend trip is going to come off, after all. I managed to put away a good bit of grading yesterday and, while I will still have to grade on the trip, I won’t have to grade for ALL of the trip. So that will be nice.

When I thought of writing a blog during this program my main goal was to put down a record so I could remember things later. The six week study abroad trip in London in 2014 was packed and wonderful and I had trouble remembering everything by the end. I figured for nearly six months, I’d have no chance. I also thought it would be a good way to let anyone interested in my activity keep themselves up to date. I really only figured about three people for regular readers but a couple dozen other folks I thought might want to check in. I never did exactly figure out how to use WordPress stats so I was always confused when the link on my Facebook page would have comments from more people than WordPress said read the piece. And then sometimes it would blow up. As I was really mostly trying to avoid writing long emails to people who didn’t want them, I wasn’t too worried about it.

However, an interesting thing happened along the way. I picked up readers and followers who were otherwise unknown to me. I’m sure many/most of you were one-offs. I tend to write stream of consciousness so you might see a post about med school, get interested, and then discover I’m mostly writing about astronomy or hiking. Or vice versa.  Or worse, I’d write about grading.

Anyway, at this point, I have, according to the little number up in the corner, 34 followers and have been read, at least once, in 46 different countries. Through those WordPress links, I’ve found some excellent reads and very interesting people. That number of followers is, in today’s world, tiny, but for a blog that was mostly written to family and close friends (if not to myself), surprising. So to those of you who have dropped in occasionally to follow the program, cheers.

Usually the blog is whatever pops into my head in the morning or when something interesting happens. However, I pretty much have the last few posts set. I won’t spoil them but, as for any show that is past its sell-by date, it will be heavy on flashbacks. On Monday, there will be a lot of new cool stuff, I hope, from this weekend. And then I’ll take a look back at the last six months. There will be pictures.












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